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Sweet Bonanza Free spins

The bonus features in the Sweet Bonanza online slot are rather sweet. You may access the free spins feature and other fascinating features from the base game, like the tumbling feature, which skillfully changes winning symbols with fresh symbols; the ante bet features where you choose to play Sweet Bonanza slot with either 20x or 25x bet multipliers.

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During the free spins game, a multiplier can also be obtained to increase your payout. Read on for more Sweet Bonanza slot details. This slot has high to medium volatility with an RTP rate of 96.49%.

Sweet Bonanza Graphics and Theme.

Sweet Bonanza Pragmatic play slot, a magnificently designed slot machine game, will take you to lovely candy land. The game slot Sweet Bonanza is among the most extremely attractive slots on the market because of its colorful 3D graphics. Playing Sweet Bonanza is a delight for the eyes and the bank account. Each spin, win, and tumble has fantastic transition effects designed and implemented by Pragmatic Play. All the reels look like they're full of delicious-looking candies, fruits, and sweets. The cartoonish visuals are a refreshing change from Pragmatic Plays' other slot machine games, which have symbols and themes that are more realistically designed. Not only are the visuals pleasant, but so is the background music, which is a pleasant melody.

What are the symbols?

You'll be rewarded no matter where the candies, sweets, and fruit appear on the reels as you enter a fantastical world full of them. You'll be successful as long as you simultaneously land at least eight identical symbols. The following is the Sweet Bonanza paytable:

Lollipop scatter: landing More than 6 of the lollipop scatter anywhere on the reels pays 100 times.

Red Heart: landing more than 12 Red Hearts anywhere on the reels pays 50 times.

Purple Candy: landing more than 12 Purple Candy anywhere on the reels, it pays 25 times.

Green Candy: landing more than 12 Green Candy anywhere on the reels pays 15 times.

Blue Candy: Anywhere on the reels with more than 12, Blue Candy pays 12 times.

Apple: If you get 12 or more apples on the reels, you'll get paid 10 times your bet.

Plum: landing more than 12 Plum anywhere on the reels, it pays 8 times.

Melon: Anywhere on the reels with more than 12 Melon pays out 5 times.

Grapes: Anywhere on the reels with more than 12 Grapes pays 4 times.

Banana: For more than 12 Bananas anywhere on the reels, it pays 2 times.

Features of the Sweet Bonanza Slot machine

Sweet Bonanza Paylines

Since there is no fixed payline in this video slot machine, winning combinations can be made from any position on the reels in any direction. As a result, you will start with 5 free spins if you get 8 scatter symbols or more. So, when playing this slot game, you don't have to worry too much about the paylines. All you have to do is concentrate on getting the multiplier symbol and other top symbols that are accessible in this game. The minimum bet amount is $0.20 and the maximum bet amount is $125.


This game may lack jackpot features, but the 21,100 times max bet payout more than makes up for that. As a result, if you wager $1000 on the game and manage to line up the highest-paying symbols, you can win up to $21,100,000 in actual money. However, you must exercise caution when trying to land this big gain because it can be challenging to do so. If so, you should have a strategy in place before you start playing Sweet Bonanza to win real money.

Scatter Symbols

You must determine whether there is a scatter symbol in every slot machine. When a scatter appears, you ought to pay close attention to this symbol. The Lollipop character serves as the slot's scatter symbol, which must be triggered in order to access the free spins bonus round. In order to trigger the bonus round, the Lollipop symbol must land on reels 4, 5, or 6. With that, you may begin to take advantage of the function of the multiplier symbol, which can increase your bet by up to 100 times. This implies that the payouts are multiplied by 100 and put together regardless of the amount you win. A win of $100 would be multiplied by 100 to give the winner $10,000.

Other symbols

This slot game features a wide variety of exciting symbols, each of which has the potential to award a huge reward to the lucky player. These images come in a variety of candies and delicious shapes. Similar prizes for each of them range from 10 to 50 times your initial wager. You should land 8 or more to receive rewards. If 8 or 9 symbols line up exactly, you will get 10 times your bet back. 25 times your wager is awarded when you land 10 or 11, and 50 times your wager is awarded when 12 matching symbols appear. There is no wild symbol on this slot machine, unlike other slots.

Free Spins for Sweet Bonanza

The Free Spins bonus is triggered when 4, 5, or 6 lollipop scatters land on reels on a spin. Your bonus consists of a payment that is equal to 3, 5, or 100 times your total wager, plus a bonus trigger that awards 10 free spins.

The action is also joined by the candy bomb symbol. These symbols have multipliers that can be as high as 100 times. The multiplier ranges from 2x to 100x at first. The multipliers are added to your prize from the tumbling spin if you can land a winning combination along with a 20x candy bomb and a 10x candy bomb. A second triggering event is also possible. If you manage to hit 3 scatters in a single spin, you'll receive an additional 5 free spins. It's interesting because the total number of additional free spins you can win is unlimited.

Through the Buy option, you can also purchase a ticket to the Free Spins feature. When you do that, the cost will be 100 times your stake. The risk-to-benefit ratio is worth it.

Bonus Features of Sweet Bonanza Bonuses

Tumbling Feature

The Tumbling feature, which is active whenever you land on winning combinations in this online slot, comes into play. When a successful combination is formed, the symbols that comprise it vanish to make place for additional symbols that may also result in a payout. In this situation, the process would be carried out repeatedly until you lose.

Advance Bet Function

This Sweet Bonanza option enables you to boost your wagers. You can play with up to 25 times more than the initial 20 times, which means that if you began off playing with $0.2 for each spin, you can now play with $0.25. You will receive an additional scatter symbol if you use this feature, which will increase your chances of landing the Sweet Bonanza free spins by two. It is a characteristic that Pragmatic Play slot games frequently have.

Where can I play Sweet Bonanza?

You can play for real money on the Sweet Bonanza online slot at any number of licensed online casinos; to find it, simply do a search for "Sweet Bonanza" inside the site's library of games.

The game slot Sweet Bonanza is playable on tablets and smartphones as well, and Pragmatic Play always ensures that its games look fantastic on all platforms and portable gadgets. This game is portable, so you can play Sweet Bonanza slot whenever you want some sweetness and have chances to win big.

Win real money while playing Sweet Bonanza online slot with the real money mode! You can play Sweet Bonanza for real money at any casino where you see the game offered. The number of real money deposits put into your online casino account determine the number of coins you receive to play the game with.

Can I Play for Free?

Pragmatic Play offers a free play version of Sweet Bonanza that may be enjoyed for free. For anyone unwilling to risk their funds. You have the opportunity to play a Sweet Bonanza demo mode for free with this service! It is an excellent way to determine whether you would enjoy the game before investing real money. You receive 100,000 game coins when you launch the Sweet Bonanza slot demo so you can start spinning and winning.

The differences Between Sweet Bonanza and Other Video Slots

The fundamental gameplay of the Sweet Bonanza online slot is both powerful and interesting. However, Pragmatic Play slots have always stood out in the market for providing fantastic extra features in the games. By the way, this feature is also included in Sweet Bonanza Xmas, the Christmas-themed edition of this online slot.

Players of Sweet Bonanza Pragmatic play slot will find enjoyable bonus features, such as free spins and tumbling reels. Additionally, the multiplier symbol will multiply rewards by up to 100, but you should examine everything in depth. Sweet Bonanza differs from other video slots in the following ways: